Dallas BBQ review

I figure I might as well have some reviews in here. Be aware these restaurants are in the NY/NJ metro area!

I had the pleasure of going to lunch with my Intern Queen family last week at Dallas BBQ in Times Square. We had fun and if you love frozen drinks this is your place because its there speciality! They have frozen margaritas and pina coladas that range from 6-9 bucks! They are really good and great with some lunch!


– great drinks

– I had ribs and thought they were good.

– My baked potato was cooked well too.

– Lunch specials were $12 and under roughly

– They had a great onion roll appetizer!


– My friends who got the chicken sandwich said it was dry

– Drinks were better than food

– No dessert on the menu?

– Service started off well but then got bad.


My conclusion: I liked it and would come back for drinks. The food was average and I liked it better than going to an Applebees in the city.

If you go let me know what you think and if you agree of disagree with me! Who knows where I’ll be next?!


Dallas BBQ: http://www.dallasbbq.com/times-square

241 West 42nd Street

Lunch at Dallas BBQ

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