An Eating Adventure in Hell’s Kitchen…

After enjoying our delicious lunch in Midtown East we headed towards Hell’s Kitchen to attend a networking Happy Hour sponsored by Ed2010 where the Intern Queen was also having a book signing for her book, “All Work No Pay”. My other half and I met up with our friends and headed to the happy hour.  The happy hour was hosted at Southern Hospitality, which unfortunately was a bit over my budget so we had to find somewhere else to eat dinner. But that doesn’t mean I won’t go there, I plan on scheduling a time to go there and eat, especially during a happy hour when they have deals. But I’ll give you a quick rating still.

Customer Service: 3.5 — Since we were downstairs it was harder to get in touch with staff to eat but our drinks at the bar came quick and tasted fine. We each got a Miller Lite since it was a special.

Southern Hospitality 645 9th Ave., New York, NY 10063

Customer Service: 4– The customer service was good but slow since we were downstairs.

Cleanliness: 5– It was really clean and comfy.

Atmosphere: 5 — The atmosphere upstairs seemed spread out enough you could have a good meal and it was comfy where the event was held downstairs.

Food/Drink Quality: 4 — Since the drinks were nice & cold, they get a 4. But I have yet to try the food there, but I will post about it when I do!

Score: 18/20 — As I mentioned the food being so expensive was bit of a turn-off, but it is owned by Justin Timberlake so I’m not gonna hate. It smelled great and the beer was good, until next time Southern Hospitality.

———————— —————————- ———————– ————–

We decided to find somewhere a bit more budget friendly while we were in Hell’s Kitchen with our friends. At the event we were told to check out this empanada place, Empanada Mama (763 9th Ave # 1  New York, NY 10019-6313). They had empanadas ranging from 2.50 on and had a large arrangement of Latin dishes. Here’s my rating:

Customer Service: 3.5– It was great at first, but we weren’t asked how our food was while we ate. Also FYI they add a 18% service charge to your bill which was tad negative, its a Zagat rated restaurant, I’d hope people who go there would tip.

Cleanliness: 5 — It was very clean, wasn’t dusty. No complaints.

Atmosphere: 4– It was pretty small and you had just enough room to yourself when you sat down. It was crowded which was nice, but they should expand since they have a pretty good cliental.  The music was fun also.

Food/Drink Quality: 3.5– They highlight that they have different types of empanadas from “Reggaeton” to “Cheesesteak” which is nice & different. We got the guac which was amazing! I’d definitely get that again and maybe an entree next time. I’m half Colombian so I’m pretty picky about my empanadas. My other half whose Uruguayan wasn’t too impressed but he enjoyed the guac as well. Our friends really enjoyed it. I liked that they had Colombiana one of my favorite sodas to get there as well. Everything was fully cooked, but I’d try different empanadas next time.

Score:  16/20 — Would I go there again? Yes, but for happy hour they have 2 happy hours which is a plus. Next time I’d try one of there steak entrees since they smelt amazing, I’d also make reservations in advanced next time.

I love any Latin cuisine so if you know a place in NYC I should go to comment me here! And if your in Hell’s Kitchen go to Empanada Mama in the meantime!

Feliz Comiendo Readers 🙂



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2 thoughts on “An Eating Adventure in Hell’s Kitchen…

  1. It was really great meeting you at the happy hour and good to hear that you went to Empanada Mama’s! That place is super crowded and tiny. Some of my favorite empanadas there are the “Viagra” (seafood) and “Greek Spinach Pie.”

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