The North Jersey #BurgerBattle!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend filled with great food and of course relaxation! You know how I like to bring you the best so I am now announcing a burger battle. Since I am currently reviewing in North Jersey I found out about two great burger places up here. So let the #BurgerBattle begin…

Elevation Burger (367 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042)

Elevation Burger is the type of burger joint where you place your order then when its ready they call your name and you can grab it or they will bring it out to you if they know where you are sitting. They focus on having organic products and serve 100% Certified Angus Beef,  and have a variety of Veggie Burgers as well for anyone who does not want to eat meat.

Customer Service: 5 – The entire time I ate my meal they were constantly seeing if I needed anything and how the meal was. The great customer service made the meal that much more enjoyable.

Atmosphere/Cleanliness: 4.5- It was set up like any burger place. There were plenty of seats in front and more in back. It was clean and maintained well.

Food/Drink Quality: 4.5- I got the, “Half the Guilt” burger which was a regular patty and a veggie patty. There are actually two veggie patties you can choose from either veggie burger 1 which has a fire roasted taste (I chose that) or veggie burger 2 which was a more vegan alternative. I loved the taste of everything and you definitely get a hefty amount of fries but I just found the burgers to be a bit small but they had a great taste!

Price: $ – My total was about $9 and I got a burger, soft drink, and fries. They also had shakes which are about $3 dollars if you wanted to get one, which I plan on doing next time. I found it to be reasonably priced for the area that’s in it too. It’s definitely affordable to anyone. There are two locations in NJ- Montclair (North Jersey) and Moorestown (South Jersey)

Final Score: 14/15- I really enjoyed my meal and would try a regular burger next time but I love the veggie alternative. The fries were definitely different then most burger places I’ve been too but I was definitely impressed.

The #BurgerBattle continued at…

Smashburger (187 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park, NJ 07932)

Smashburger also focuses on using organic products and use 100% Certified Angus Beef. They ‘smash’ there burgers and use unique ‘secret’ spices in all their food so their food is unique to any other burger joint. Every burger is smashed daily and made to order. You order your food at the front counter then they give you a number to put on the table you want to sit at and they bring your food out to you once its ready.

Customer Service: 4.5 – The service was great and they helped me figure out what I wanted no problem. It just took a little longer than I would’ve liked which to get my shake, which set them back to a 4.5, but I was able to catch someone and got it right away. It was very busy place and they were always checking to make sure everyone was satisfied with their meal and I rarely heard a “No” from any customers near me. I was also impressed that I was able to speak to a manager who was welcome to any questions I had, etc.

Atmosphere/Cleanliness: 5- Smashburger definitely has an atmosphere of its own, but that’s what makes it so much more fun to go to. It was clean and there is usually a seat open depending on what time you go. Dinner time is usually pretty crowded and there are a lot of families who eat there due to its location.

Food/Drink Quality 5 – I got the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger which was delicious and I actually ended up eating some of the leftovers for lunch. The burgers are big enough and fill you up. They also have great smash fries, I’ve had them before and love them. I admit I was a bit disappointed in the sweet potato fries because I didn’t think the spices blended as well as they do with regular fries. There “smash fries” are tossed in rosemary, olive oil, and garlic and taste great.  Their milkshakes are great, I got the Nutter Butter and it was one of the best milkshakes I’ve had. It was spun enough times and I could taste all the flavor.

Price: $ – My total was about $13.56 but that was with the milkshake, Minus the shake it would’ve been about $9 bucks. It can definitely be about a $20 meal if you share fries. It’s definitely affordable to anyone and they have various locations in Northern Jersey.

Final Score: 14.5/15 – The food was awesome when I ate it there and I loved my leftovers the next day. The portions are good, not too big and not too small. I recommend any of the burgers and the original smash fries and while you’re at it get a milkshake. You won’t be disappointed!

So now the question is who won the #BurgerBattle?

These places go into my Gourmet Burger Franchise category. Now that is announced, the winner I chose is Smashburger. Elevation was great but I wasn’t that impressed with the burgers, its a great place if you have vegetarian friends but Smashburger offers vegetarian alternatives as well. You definitely can’t beat the taste of Smashburger and its well worth the price.

So don’t just sit here, go find a Smashburger nearby and dig in and let me know if you agreed with me, I love feedback.

Also feel free to suggest any burger joints of any kind for me to go to for the #BurgerBattle! Feel free to leave them here or @smchickbigdeals on Twitter or on the Facebook page!

Happy Eating!

– Small Chick 🙂

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