Grilled Cheese Factory: Motown’s new joint for lunch, dinner, or a late night snack!

I had the pleasure of going to The Grilled Cheese Factory (28 Morris St, Morristown, NJ 07960) in Morristown for dinner last night and I was very impressed. The Grilled Cheese Factory opened in early December in Morristown, NJ by a FDU alumni. I love comfort food and sure as anything love grilled cheese so the idea of this place is already wonderful to me. You see the last time I had grilled cheese out it was at a diner down the shore and I was very disappointed to say the least. Going into The Grilled Cheese Factory last night I was ready to be knocked off my feet and that I was!

When you come in there is a menu on the wall, which actually needs to be updated because they have added more sandwiches but you can see them on the paper menu on the counter. You have a choice of 19 different grilled cheese varieties and the option to make your own. They also have soups and salads you can choose from as well. It was actually pretty hard for me to choose what to get but I went with the BCT – Bacon, Tomato, and Cheddar it came with a pickle and all sandwiches come with chips. They have a variety of bottled drinks in a refrigerator so I got a Nestea. Now for my rating:

Customer Service: 4.8 — The service was great, the food came out orderly, everyone was kind and friendly but I wasn’t asked how my food was while I was eating which I was used to. There are only 3 people working so I give the benefit of the doubt but I was looking to forward to having someone come by and ask, thats why I only took .2 off. But other than that factor, the service was wonderful. When you get there you go up to the front order your food and they will bring it out to you when its ready.

Atmosphere: 5 — It’s comfortable and very home-like, there are plenty of chairs but it’s a bit tight. It’s very friendly to all kinds of audiences. I felt right at home as I waited for my food to come out.

Food Quality: 5– I am very picky about my grilled cheese, I don’t know about you but I love mine to be golden brown on the outside and the cheese melted in the inside. And if I get it with bacon & tomato, one of those can’t take over more than the other. So as I waited for my grilled cheese I couldn’t wait to see how it would come out. I forgot to mention how everything is made HOMEMADE and fresh as you order. My BCT was great and made to perfection. I could eat one of those like everyday of the week!

Price: $ — The Grilled Cheese Factory is affordable to anyone. The menu ranges from  $4.95- $7.95, which pretty good for the quality of food you get! Its friendly to any budget whether you are a college student, parent, etc!

Final Score: 14.8/15 — My best score overall. Yes I was very impressed and so do more and more of the locals. As I left there was a family in there and while I ate the EMS squad had stopped by for a bite. Next time I come I’m pretty sure i’ll get one to eat and one for the road and cup of soup! I highly recommend the BCT which I ate but the varieties or endless and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

DEAL ALERT: This deal is exclusive to FDU, College at Florham students only. If you come to the Grilled Cheese Factory this Thursday February 9th from 6pm-close and show your FDU ID you can get 50% off anything on the menu. RSVP here: FDU Night at The Grilled Cheese Factory in Morristown!

If you plan on heading to Morristown anytime soon make sure you go to The Grilled Cheese Factory. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If you go in let me know if you were as satisfied as I was, I love feedback!

– Small Chick 🙂

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