Sushi lovers should head to Sushi Lounge!

This afternoon I was out with my friend Hope, but before we went shopping we decided to grab lunch in Morristown. Our new thing is getting sushi together, so we decided we’d go to sushi lounge for some mid-afternoon sushi & drinks.

Sushi LoungeMorristown (12 Schuyler Place, Morristown, NJ 07960)

Here’s what I thought of it:

Customer Service: 4– We went around 2 p.m. so the restaurant was not very crowded. Our waitress was good and attentive but would kind of drift off sometimes due to it not being crowded. We waited for her to come and take our orders a little longer than I expected for a place that wasn’t crowded since it was in between lunch & dinner.

Atmosphere/Cleanliness: 5– I love the atmosphere and definitely would love to come for dinner one night. Especially since they have happy hour & drink specials almost every night. I love the atmosphere!

Food/Drink Quality: 4 — Well, first off warning, sushi lounge makes very strong drinks. Hope and I got the Champagne Dream expecting a nice delicious fruity lunch drink. Yes, it was fruity & delicious but it was much stronger than we’d like especially since we were going shopping afterwards. I was a tad bit disappointed with the Miso Soup because the broth had no flavor whatsoever. But I loved the shrimp shumai appetizer Hope and I had. Also, the shrimp tempura bento box I got was awesome and came served with a choice of a california roll or cucumber avocado roll, I got the california roll. It also came with a choice of shrimp or crab shumai, I tried the crab shumai for fun, it was good but shrimp shumai will always be my favorite. Oh yeah, I’m not done, it also came with rice. The meal was amazing and in my stomach within seconds with only some tempura veggies left on the plate. Hope loved the rolls she got– shrimp tempura & spicy tuna rolls.

Price: $-$$ — Sushi Lounge can be a bit pricey, my lunch meal was $16 bucks, but it came with a lot and if I wasn’t so hungry, I’d definitely have leftovers. I really wanna come back because as I mentioned they have special happy hour deals & specials every night. I already want to go back and think its definitely worth the money!

Final Score: 13/15 — Take out the flavor-less Miso soup and  the drinks being a bit unexpectedly strong, which really wasn’t so bad– I was just unprepared. I’d recommend going to Sushi Lounge. If you’re like me and in a college budget lunch is the best priced but as I mentioned they have specials all the time for dinner, happy hour, drinks, etc! Oh yeah and they also have local FREE delivery, which is great! So next time you’re craving sushi and driving through Morristown, go to Sushi Lounge!

Happy Eating!

– Small Chick 🙂

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