In SoHo? Then you better go to Georgetown Cupcake!

As you know I love cupcakes and I love to review them. This morning I had the pleasure of being in SoHo and was super close to Georgetown *DC* Cupcake so of course I stopped by before I headed home! I was very impressed with my experience, I’ll tell you why…

Georgetown Cupcake (111 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012)

Customer Service: 5– Everyone who worked there was friendly and informative. I was able to speak to the GM quickly too. Everyone was up beat and willing to answer any questions.

Atmosphere: 5– There was just enough room for people to sit. Three round table which had a view of Mercer Street. Of course today it was beautiful out so it was even more enjoyable. The music they played was great and definitely helped the atmosphere.

Cupcake Quality: 5– I rarely ever give a 5, but I was really impressed. FYI Georgetown Cupcake is a new competitor in the corporate #CupcakeContest! I enjoyed the free cupcake of the day: Chocolate Salted Caramel with a coffee. It was delicious. It was decent sized and had just enough filling inside and the cake was great! I got a few to go as well.

Price: $ — Now you’d expect a place like Georgetown Cupcake to be expensive since the founders and owner have their tv show– DC Cupcakes. But no, each cupcake is sold for $2.75 which I think is decent compared to most places in the city. I’d definitely buy them for a holiday or party.

Final Score: 15/15– As I mentioned earlier they are now in my corporate #CupcakeContest and giving Crumbs some competition. The price and taste can’t be beat and the service is top notch!  If you’re in SoHo you’re crazy if you don’t stop in. They have tons of flavor choices and I’m sure you’ll find a cupcake you like! I highly recommend it!

Happy Eating & Stay Sweet! 🙂

You won’t be crabby at Joe’s Crab Shack

Last week I had the pleasure of eating at tons of great places, which only means that there are tons of reviews on the way. If you haven’t read my post on contests, you should. I won a gift card to Joe’s Crab Shack awhile ago and decided to go with my boyfriend Jason this past week & it was a great experience.

Joe’s Crab Shack (various locations)

Customer Service: 5– The service was excellent and our waiter friendly and on top of everything.

Atmosphere/Cleanliness: 4.5 — The atmosphere was nice, but it was really crowded and we had about an hour wait (the location we went to just opened) but it was a fun atmosphere.

Food/Drink Quality: 5– For a chain I was pretty impressed, since I’m from the Jersey shore I love good local seafood and I felt like I was eating just that. Jason and I got the Joe’s classic steampot and it was good. We also got the double dip appetizer which was great. It had both spinach & artichoke dip and their famous crab dip. We both loved the crab dip and the spinach & artichoke dip was pretty good.

Price: $$$– Joe’s Crab Shack is definitely not a cheap place and you really need to save up or be prepared before you go but it’s worth the money and if you live in a place where you can’t get seafood easily I recommend you go to one nearby.

Final Score: 14.5/15– I recommend you take a trip if there’s a Joe’s near you! The food is great, atmosphere is fun it’s just a bit pricey and you may have a wait!

Happy Eating! 🙂

Fulfill your craving at Stuffed Cupcakes!

Last week while I was on my cupcake adventure last week, I was able to stop at Stuffed Cupcakes in Nutley, NJ. Unlike Mr Cupcakes and other cupcake shops I’ve been in, Stuffed Cupcakes specializes in cupcakes with topping on the outside as well as a custard or creme mix on the inside. Stuffed Cupcakes is also in the hometown NJ category for my #cupcakecontest!

Stuffed Cupcakes (231 Franklin Avenue, Nutley, NJ)

Customer Service: 5– When I went in it wasn’t very crowded but everyone was friendly. The service was great and even brought my cupcake and tea out for me.

Atmosphere: 4.8– It has a cute cafe setting with a place to eat. I’d highly recommend it if you plan on grabbing cupcakes & coffee with friends on an afternoon.

Cupcake Quality: 5– These cupcakes are not like any cupcake and have stuffing inside.I got the confused cupcake first which was the best of both world with both vanilla & chocolate batter with vanilla or chocolate pudding inside (mine had vanilla) and it had both kinds of frosting on top. It was delicious and big.

Price: $ — The cupcakes are $3.50 each, but take into consideration they are pretty big and have stuffing inside. You could even share one with someone and each get a coffee there.

Final Score: 14.8/15 — I’d recommend coming to Stuffed Cupcakes for a date with your loved one or friends. The cupcakes are big, filled and easy to split. The dining area is comfortable and its easy to grab & go there as well. I’d definitely come back again.

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Happy Eating!!! 🙂

Enjoy a bite or two at Mr Cupcakes!

If you don’t already know, I love cupcakes. I actually have a cupcake contest. This past week in the midst of craziness I had the honor of going to Mr Cupcakes in Clifton and I was not disappointed at all! FYI I went to one of the four locations they have NJ!

Mr. Cupcakes (1216 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, NJ)

Customer Service: 5– The customer service was great and everyone was ready to help customers.

Atmosphere: 4.5– The space is kind of tight and its more of a grab & go type store. But it’s cute and smells great!

Cupcake Quality: 5– I loved my cupcakes. I got the cookie jar and there are literally bits of cookies in the mix and on top of the frosting. I also had the french toast which was delicious. I definitely want to go back and get a dozen sometime! The cupcakes aren’t huge but they are more than bite size.

Price: $– The cupcakes at Mr. Cupcakes are a great price. Only $1.50 each and $2.00 at the Riverside location. Now thats a great deal and part of the reason why I’m hooked.

Final Score:14.5/15– The cupcakes were delicious and affordable so I’d recommend it to any cupcake lover! The staff is friendly and so is the owner. They have also been voted as best cupcakes in NJ in 2011!!

Heads up: Make sure you follow @mrcupcakes on Twitter for updates. They will be having a text message service underway where you can get special promos which means more great deals!!!

Mr Cupcakes is in my hometown cupcake contest for NJ!


Happy Eating!!

Grab some good grub at the Fieldhouse Pub!

As you may know I am constantly doing my research to find the best places with great deals. I ended up finding my way to the Fieldhouse Pub this past Thursday and ended up enjoying a great meal. It’s a small hometown pub in Fairfield, great place to go with family and friends.

Fieldhouse Pub (31 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, NJ

Here’s what I thought:

Customer Service: 4.5– I came in when it opened at 11 a.m so it wasn’t very crowded. They answered all my questions and recommended a burger so I got the burger. Since it is a hometown bar the barmaid was discussing stuff with the other server, which turned me off a bit but it made sense with the kind of bar it is. They care a lot about their customers which was good to know.

Atmosphere: 5– The atmosphere is of a traditional irish pub. There is a lot of history behind the decorations which I found to be awesome. They also have a dining room and hall downstairs thats used for parties. I really liked it.

Food/Drink Quality: 4.7– The malibu bay breeze the barmaid made was delicious and a nice size so it was worth the money, roughly maybe $6. The burger was big & delicious, and I was able to put as little or as much bacon as I chose. I even had some of the burger leftover. It came with potato chips, fries cost extra.

Price– $-$$: Since I came for lunch, the burger & drink came to $15.50. Which isn’t too bad for the meal I got. Of course dinner is more expensive but they have daily specials. They have a great variety of drinks and food. I’d definitely want to come back one night for dinner.

Final Score: 14.2/15 — I highly recommend to come to the Fieldhouse Pub with friend and/or family. It’s been in Fairfield for years and has many loyal customers. The food and drinks are awesome and they have specials all the time. They also have karaoke on Thursday nights. I’m definitely looking into making a trip back soon!

The bar (above)

My bacon cheeseburger (below)

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Happy Eating!!!

– Small Chick 🙂