Down the shore? Take a trip to Ob-Co’s Donut Shop!

While I love living up in North Jersey and passing the ever so tempting Cups on my way home from work, the Jersey shore will always be home to me. I was randomly looking at fellow FDU alums Instagram pic of a donut one weekend and it looked delicious and the caption said it was homemade which intrigued me even more. I immediately looked up the place, Ob-Co’s donuts and realized it was not far at all from my boyfriend’s house. I also realized I’ve gone past it a few times and it just made me want to go there even more. Plus, there are not many homemade donut shops so the fact that there was one so close to me, I couldn’t resist.

Homemade chocolate frosted donut from Ob-Co’s

Ob-Co’s Donut Shop (547 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River, NJ 08753)

Customer Service: 5- When you go there you order from a pick up window, but the girls that work there are super friendly and answer your questions no problem.

Atmosphere: 3.5- The atmosphere is a little lacking but it’s a homemade donut shop and is definitely more of a pick up and go kind of joint. They have some benches and a few chairs outside next to the pick up window. Don’t get me wrong, it works well with it but I wouldn’t recommend sitting there in scorching sun when you can take them on the go when headed to seaside.

Donut Quality: 5- These donuts are great, well that’s an understatement. It definitely gives your taste buds a ride. This past weekend I they had a cannoli filled donut and it was like heaven, because who doesn’t love a cannoli & donut in one? I know I sure don’t. Jason (my boyfriend) loved his cream donut and the bites of the cannoli donut (we split that). And of course I had to get the chocolate frosted, it’s my regular now. You can taste each bite of dough and how fresh they are. I could go on forever.

Price: $ — So not only are these donuts: homemade, delicious, and fresh…they also won’t break your budget. I got three donuts (one was the cannoli which was a special donut too) and an iced tea for about 5 bucks and change. Donuts start at .95 cents each and they are worth every cent. A half dozen is only $5.50 and a dozen is $7.50!!!

Final Score:13.5 /15– Although it’s atmosphere can be a little lacking, Ob-co’s donuts are some of the best donuts you can get down the Jersey shore. Especially if you ever plan on taking a trip near Seaside or want to take a drive while you’re in Point Pleasant. It’s so worth it, Jason and I want to go every weekend I’m home now. Just make sure you have at least ten bucks in cash (they don’t take any credit/debit cards) and are up early– they are open 7 days a week from 6 am-sell out which usually is by noon, on a slow day.

So if your headed to the beach, check out Ob-Co’s for a donut or two, you may become a regular!

Check out the menu for yourself and let me know what you think! These are definitely some of the best donuts in Ocean County and down the shore!

Be back soon with the 411 on another deal for all my Jersey readers! 🙂

Til then, Happy Eating! 🙂

PS: Feel free to let me know if you agree by leaving a comment or tweet me @smchickbigdeals! 🙂

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