Top Notch Meal at Top O’ Th’ Hill

Last Friday I went out with my boyfriend, Jason to this local dive near his house now. I haven’t seen a place like it in New Jersey, cheap drinks (cocktails are $5 and beers are $3-4) and delicious food to eat, especially if you are a sucker for comfort food like I am. I’ve been there twice and my second experience just justified how great it is. Here are the reasons why Top O’ Th’ Hill is another one of my Jersey favorites!

Top O’ Th’ Hill Tavern (1182 US 202, Bridgewater, NJ)

Customer Service: 5- If your sitting behind the bar, Jim will most likely take care of you. He knows everything about the restaurant and takes care of all the customers. Everyone is attentive because they serve a lot of locals.

Atmosphere: 5- It’s definitely a dive, a few tables and a big bar in the middle towards the back. They have a huge tv near the bar that usually has sports on. It works very well for it. They have a lot of memorabilia up too, it’s very local but that’s what I love about it.

Food/Drink Quality: 5- I was actually more impressed than I thought by the food. The first time I went I split the boneless fried chicken with Jason’s mom and Jason had a burger. The dinners are huge by the way, big enough to split and come with two sides which range from cucumber salad to potato pancakes. We were silent the entire time because it was so delicious. The second time I came I had the crab cakes and had leftovers because it was huge. I want the recipe for the cucumber salad, it’s so delicious.

The bar is very typical. They have a great beer selection which includes blue moon and they also have some craft beers. But if you like cocktails you have to get their signature cocktails, the Tennis Ball or Red Death. My personal favorite is Red Death now. It’s a great mix of juices and liquors. It would be a sin to go and not get at least one of those cocktails. Jason even got the inside on the recipes so we can make them at home when we can’t come in, which probably won’t be often since I love it at Top O’ Th’ Hill.

Price: $- You can definitely get dinner for two for $40 or less depending on how much you eat or drink. Entrees are no less than $15 and the appetizers are budget friendly. Their signature cocktails are $5, strong & delicious.

Final Score: 15/15- I highly recommend going to Top O’ Th’ Hill Tavern if you are in the Bridgewater/Bedminster area. You’ll get your money’s worth of food (portions are huge) and drinks are top notch plus it’s a great little date spot. They also have a band every Friday night for entertainment. I love this place and try to go to at least once on a Friday or Saturday, since they are closed on Sunday’s,  when I’m staying by Jason.

The Red Death at Top O’ Th’ Hill Tavern, Bridgewater

Cucumber Salad

Crab Cake Dinner

If you are in the Bridgewater area and stop in let me know if you agree!

Top O’ Th’ Hill is everything that my blog stands for: great local food, great drinks at a great price, and a friendly staff to top it off.

Look out for me covering: NYC, Hoboken & more!

Also I’ll be guest blogging for Carter Int’l Concierge, contributing for Jersey Bites & New Fork City, be on the look out. Links will be on this page as well! There will also be more interviews & recipes in the near future. Can’t wait tell you more of what’s in store. Make sure you’re following @smchickbigdeals on Twitter and a fan on Facebook!

‘Til next time…

Happy Eating! 😀

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