Wings, Beer & Bourbon- #SCBD Take on #NYCWingfest

When I heard about Wingfest in New York City, the little kid in me lit up. If you’ve read my past posts you know I love wings, not just any wings but good wings. I knew this was one event I had to attend and so did many other 20-30 year olds, who filled Center 548 up to capacity at Wingfest Series #NYCWingfest which was sponsored by Streaker Sports. I went to the 2nd session which was from 4-7 PM (each was $55), with my roommate Leah, who came with me to Bergenfest. It was definitely a fun time and it felt like we were back in university again. I mean, what else would you expect when you have 3 hours to try over 8 wing vendors and it includes free beer & bourbon to wash them down with?

The beer lines were just as crazy as the wing lines.
Photo courtesy of Wingfest Series

Some of the vendors bringing their best wings to the table included:

  • Dukes NYC
  • Hill Country
  • Mason Jar
  • Tribeca Tap House
  • BBQues Smoke Shack
  • Wildwood BBQ
  • Rathbones
  • East End Bar & Grill & more
  • To wash it down we had a choice of Pacifico or Budweiser beer or Wild Turkey bourbon which was my personal favorite!

They might not have taken first place but I loved Neely’s Smoked Wings!

They definitely had more than those eight. My two favorites which weren’t mentioned above were Blue Haven & Neely’s BBQ Parlor. They both had wings with unique flavor and weren’t too spicy or sweet. Neely’s were smoked, how cool is that?  Blue Haven really won me over with their sauce! Unfortunately neither of my two favorites won, but they will always be winners in my eyes. The winner of NYC Wingfest 2012 went to BBQues Smoke Shack. Congrats on the win!!! Guess we’ll have to see who takes the win at NYC Wingfest 2013!

2012 NYC Wingfest Winners BBQues Smoke Stack
Picture courtesy of Wingfest

All in all it was great time and plan on attending next year! I have more great recipes, interviews, reviews, & round ups on the way!

Have a great weekend everyone & happy eating!!! 😀


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