#SCBD Gluten Free Finds!

I personally don’t follow a strict gluten-free diet, but I know plenty of friends that do. So, my gluten-free friends this post is for you! These are a few of my personal gluten-free favorites, that I like to eat by themselves, with cheese, or use as a side dish with my meals. I divided them into categories: yogurts, chips/crackers, and grains:


Chobani Greek Yogurt

Chobani is one of the most delicious & filling yogurts I’ve tasted. One of my favorite things about it is how their is delicious fruit underneath it! It’s ideal with granola for breakfast or to hold you over before lunch! I received a variety pack in the mail this past week and I’m currently in a Chobani obsession and a huge fan of the Mango & Passion Fruit flavors!

FYI: Stay tuned I’ll have a Chobani variety pack giveaway coming up in the near future!

Emmi Roth Swiss Yogurt

A few months back I received sample of Emmi Roth Swiss Yogurt in the mail. I didn’t know what to expect but it was definitely love at first bite. If you are interested in something different, this is it! Emmi Roth Swiss Yogurt is an awesome blend of pureed fresh fruit & sweet yogurt. It has an excellent taste and a creaminess that you can’t get from any yogurt. I highly recommend you taste them!


Mediterranean Snacks Lentil Crackers & Chips

I had these Meditteranean Snacks shipped to me about a month or so ago and was more impressed them than I expected. Most people think gluten-free crackers have no flavor. Mediterranean snacks proves that rumor wrong with their lentil crackers & chips. They have tons of flavor choices including sea salt, rosemary herb, and my personal favorite cracked pepper. The lentil crackers are a perfect pair with your cheese choice & my new go-to for cheese crackers or just a snack to hold me over before cooking dinner.


Roland Quinoa

I came across this quinoa while shopping at Fairway because it was a deal. The quinoa was on sale, 2 for $5! Now it’s my go-to quinoa because I love all the flavors they offer, it’s a quick & easy side dish, it’s healthier than rice, and it won’t break the bank! Oh yeah & its the quinoa in all my dinner pictures!

Are you gluten-free? Do you agree with me? I’d love to know what you think of each product!

Happy Eating!!!

Here’s to great gluten-free options!

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2 thoughts on “#SCBD Gluten Free Finds!

  1. The ‘Mediterranean Snacks,’ brand is great! Tasty snacks for sure. Also..my favorite thing is Lundberg brand….specifically their RISOTTO and their rice pastas!

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