Join Sailor Jerry Rum and Celebrate Bartenders Appreciation Day

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Sailor Jerry Rum is hosting their second annual Bartender Appreciation Day on December 8th in support of all those slinging drinks our way. I got to chat with Brand Ambassador Paul Monahan on this new holiday and its importance in our society.

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Why did Sailor Jerry introduce Bartender Appreciation Day?

We think bartenders are under appreciated. Think about it. They’re such an important part of a good night out. They have to be part crafts-person,  part showman, part diplomat. And they have to work some pretty rough hours – while we’re drinking and having a good time, they’re working. So at Sailor Jerry, we wanted to step up and start getting bartenders the recognition they deserve.

Why do you think it is important to have this day?

We believe it’s important to give people who work hard a pat on the back. Our namesake, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins worked tirelessly perfecting his craft earning him the title ‘the father of the old school tattoo’. This work ethic and dedication to one’s craft is something we strive to support and reward in all walks of life. As a rum, we spend a lot of time in bars — so we’re extremely aware of the innate awesomeness of the craft of bartending and want to celebrate it.

 What are some of your hopes for expanding this holiday in the future?

We’re in it to win it. We want to see this become a proper, widely celebrated holiday observed wherever there are bars – in other words, EVERYWHERE!

What are some fun ways our readers can celebrate?

They can go to the Sailor Jerry website and download petition posters, post cards and other stuff to help spread the word. They can check out our Facebook page to see what official events are going on near them. And most importantly, they can get themselves to a bar on December 8th, have a couple of Sailor Jerry’s – and give an extra big tip!

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