Mad For Macarons

Macarons are all the rage these days, famed pastry chefs are on trend with supplying macarons in their storefronts and now it’s time for you to whip up the tastiest and most innovative recipes for macarons around. Forget traditional chocolate or very-boring vanilla, you can head to plenty a pastry shop to score those. But here are some of our more unique recipes for you to try out and make your day unlike any other! Happy munching!


Bravetart boasts delicious pink Champagne and Roses Macarons. They are rose water scented macaroons filled with champagne infused Swiss buttercream.


Delicious Magazine teaches us how to make vibrant Multi-Colored Macarons. Yea, they may be plain, but they gives tips on adding extracts into your mix to add some flavor with your color!


If, like me, you love mango and there just aren’t enough mango-flavored goodies to go around, you will love this next recipe. The Macaron Diaries explains how to make Mango Macarons with white chocolate and mango ganache filling. Mmm mm!


I bet you’ve never tried Sticky Toffee Pudding Macaron before, so now’s your chance. The Extraordinary Art of Cake shares a recipe from a book called Mad About Macaroons (aren’t we all?) to make these tasty delights.


And last but not least, the list cannot be complete without some bacon added into the mix. This recipe combines two of the human race’s favorite edibles, bacon and wine. Love with Food blog shares how to make delicious Bacon and Port Wine Macarons.


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