Chefday: A New Yorker’s Dream Come True


Hungry New Yorkers will have much to celebrate once they hear about Chefday. A new Brooklyn start-up, this company delivers fresh, pre-measured ingredients to your home in order for you to cook a custom recipe created by NYC restaurant chefs. Simply go to their website, choose your meal of choice, and all the ingredients will be delivered to you on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 3 and 5pm or 7 and 9pm. They can deliver it to your office or your home. Once you have your fresh ingredients, tune into the website and check out the video of the chef in action, cooking your meal. The videos are catered to cooks, pausing after each step so you can catch up. The ingredients can also be delivered in different quantities, so whether you are cooking for two or eight, you’re all set.

photo (1)

Chefday is also philanthropic! Through their Cook One Feed One program, for each serving you order through the company, they will donate an equal amount to the Food Bank for NYC. They are also all about eating healthy! All ingredients are fresh and natural and all dishes come with a calorie count.

photo (2)

Whether you are vegetarian, pescatarian, or a carnivore, they’ve got meals for you to choose from! You could try asparagus stuffed salmon, courtesy of Chris Leahy of Lexington Brass, Parmesan veal Milanese, courtesy of Victor Laplaca of Isola Trattoria e Crudo, or you can try the stir fried green bean vermicelli, courtesy of Jehangir Mehta of Mehtaphor – which is what I tried. It was easy to follow the step-by-step instructions and was fun to watch the video and make sure I was following the recipe correctly. Each ingredient was fresh and it was easy to identify each since they were all labeled.

photo (3)

Yummy Chefday meal

I may love food, but I am not a cook – luckily, they made it so easy! Without having to go out shopping for such specific ingredients in the right quantities it took away half the hassle of cooking. In fact, my dish turned out great! This is such an ingenious idea – ideal for those who love to cook and for those who love a restaurant quality meal. Make cooking fun with Chefday!


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