Test Your Kitchen Skills At A Cook & Go Cooking Class with CourseHorse NYC!


Cook & Go Culinary Studio
Photo Credit: Sarah Shaker, BrightLightsMyCity.com

Last Wednesday before I got hit hard with the flu I attended a Cook&Go’s Brazilian Menu class with a few other food bloggers at the Cook & Go culinary school in Chelsea (right next to Chelsea Market). Once we all checked in and comfortable were ready to start cooking. We each put on an apron and they also poured a glass of wine for each student. Our instructor, who is a trained chef, began passing out ingredients to prepare our first course. He diligently went over each step and was there to answer any questions we had throughout the class.


Sweet Avocado with Cachaca Watermelon Relish

The Brazilian menu featured Prawn and Cucumber Soup, Chicken Skewer XiXim Style and Sweet Avocado with Cachaca Relish for dessert. We started the class off by making dessert since it was easy to prepare and store in the fridge, next we made the soup which was delicious and almost like a ceviche. Last we prepared the Chicken Skewer XiXim Style then we packed all our dishes to cook when we got home.

cook and go

Chicken Skewer XiXim Style

I couldn’t wait to get home and eat the meal I prepared. I ate the soup so fast, but it was extremely delicious. Then, I prepared the chicken which was nothing less than amazing and easy to make on the skillet.

Interested in trying a cooking class yourself? Coursehorse has a special discount code for SCBD readers that will get them 10% off any class just use the code scbd from now until the end of the month. Sign up now to learn some new skills or become a pro in one of the over 20,000 classes from 500 class providers available on CourseHorse.

Here’s to more fun, foodie adventures in the future! You know you can always find me in the kitchen if I’m not dining out.

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