Get Your Tickets Cheap with Tikly

Concert and theater goers are in for a treat! A new ticketing platform has recently launched offering lower service fees and opens revenue streams for bands, venues, and organizations and places tickets back in the hands of the talent and event organizer. The new site called Tikly, was created by young entreprenuer Emma Peterson, who has had experience touring with musicians. Tikly has already started working with major artists and venues like The Nadas, Bess Rogers, Andy Shaw Comedy, Cityview’s Brewfest, The Venue at Court Center, and more. We spoke with the founder of Tikly to get the inside scoop on what makes this new ticketing platform so great.

Emma Peterson

Emma Peterson

AM: How did the idea of Tikly come about? 

EP: After touring extensively for one year with Iowa’s favorite folk rock/alt country band, The Nadas, I launched Tikly in May 2011. While on tour, I made connections with artists & venues across the nation, dealt with the current ticketing options on behalf of The Nadas, and saw a need for a change in the industry. We needed a ticketing platform that allowed us to sell our own tickets, save people some money on fees, and provide a more positive experience to our fans. After all, if the first step toward supporting an event is a negative one, we have a problem.

I found that touring musicians, venue owners, and event organizers are entrepreneurs and their fans and/or patrons are their clients. There is no space in this band to fan, venue owner to patron, event organizer to registrant relationship for greedy third-party ticketing companies.

The challenges put forth by the pre-Tikly ticketing options are not limited to abusive fees. These ticketing companies, that view the tickets on sale as their tickets, are not allowing the client to best represent themselves. So that’s why we built Tikly—the live event world deserves to have a ticketing service that respects ticket sellers and buyers alike while leveraging today’s technology to open new revenue streams for the people who put on the show.

AM: Why do you think it has been successful?

EP: At Tikly, we do things differently—every choice we make for our business, the platform, and our clients is made with serious consideration and respect for the shows and events we represent. The ticketing industry, prior to the introduction of Tikly, has been completely upside down and abusive for a very long time. Ticketing companies of all sizes seem to find themselves falling into the industry standards set forth by Ticketmaster and LiveNation—if these larger companies can have $15+ in service fees, it’s easy for a smaller company to feel they can get away with charging just $5-10 on a $12 ticket.

Tikly challenges that evolution and opts not to just be the lesser of two evils. It is this commitment to providing a reliable product that offers a quality experience for both ticket seller and ticket buyer that has allowed us to achieve the successes we have had thus far.

How does Tikly differ from other ticket selling/buying sites?

Tikly is a low-fee ticketing service that places ticket sales back in the hands of the people that put on the show. We work closely with artists, venues, and event organizers to make sure they are able to provide their ticket buyers a quality ticketing experience. Tikly is free to use and there is absolutely not contractual obligation required to start selling tickets with us. Because after all, the tickets we sell belong to the people who put on the show—we are just here to help.

Our defining characteristics that set us apart from the competition can be found in our transparent and respectful ticket fee structure, ability to sell merchandise alongside tickets, and dynamic sales page that can be manipulated to communicate the branding of the event in the most beautiful way possible.

 AM: What are your plans for Tikly in the future?

EP: We’re going to continue growing this thing and it’s going to be a lot of fun, I’m sure. We so value the success of artists, venues, and events. To the very best of our ability we will learn from these clients, build accordingly, and consequently provide a meaningful ticketing solution. We are committed to revolutionizing the ticketing industry for artists and the venues they perform in.

AM: What is your favorite feature of Tikly?

EP: My favorite feature is our merchandise table. The concept for the merchandise table came from my experience working as tour manager and merchandise person for The Nadas. I wanted a way to give our dedicated fan base an even better reason to buy tickets in advance. I also wanted to let our fans buy unique or limited edition merchandise that we may not have otherwise packed in our trailer.

Not only does pre-selling merchandise give fans an extra incentive to buy tickets in advance but it also opens a new revenue stream for the client. Pre-selling merchandise puts extra money in the touring musician’s gas tank, makes show-goers feel like VIPs and lets event organizers have a better understanding on what apparel, etc. they may need to order.