#SCBDFavorite: Stay Chi Collection by Chi Flo


In honor spring deciding to show itself this week, I thought it was about time I tell you about Chi Flo‘s latest collection. If you didn’t read my post on how Chi Flo began, read ithere. The Stay Chi collection premiered a few weeks ago and it has perfect shirts, tanks, crop tops, and beanies to add to your summer collection!


Wearing my Chi Flo sea flo crop top & shades!

I ordered the Sea Flo crop top and wore it yesterday, it was so comfy! I’m definitely looking into getting the Chi Flo Label Loose Crop Top and the Drippy Yang V-neck once it’s back in stock! The line is a huge deal and nothing is over $20!

Here’s some pictures of the line (by Rob Roselli):


Buy your Stay Chi summer wear by Chi Flo, here.

More Spring fashion and beauty news soon!

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