There ain’t no pizza like Firehouse pizza!

Every now and then you find a pizzeria that you will always love. This pizzeria has fed me through my sadness, happiness, and every in between. I found Nicky’s Firehouse restaurant during my freshman year at Fairleigh Dickinson. I decided to try there delivery since I didn’t have my car on campus and have been in love with their pizza ever since. Eventually when I started going to the pizzeria with my boyfriend and kept ordering out. It just stuck, and if you asked any of my friends I praised there caesar salad pizza all the time! Well the December/January of my senior year they went on hiatus and were under construction. I was worried I wouldn’t have Nicky’s before I left but they opened right before I graduated. Long story short, after months of not being able to go due to construction and whatnot. I finally went again with my man Jason this weekend and Nicky’s didn’t let me down. I loved the changes they made & the pizza was just as great as I remembered a few months ago!

New decor at Nicky’s Firehouse!

Nicky’s Firehouse Restaurant (15 Central Avenue, Madison, NJ)

Customer Service- 5: It was just how I remembered, everyone was friendly and answered our questions. Also, the owner Nicky is always there so it really make it a mom & pop pizzeria.

Atmosphere- 5: It wasn’t what I remembered but I can get used to it. I like the new changes, it definitely makes more space and it works. It looks more like a firehouse and the colors are definitely deeper.

Food Quality- 5: The pizza was exactly how I remembered it. I love their crust, it’s not too thick and not too thin. But when I looked at the menu I was a bit upset they didn’t have the caesar salad pizza on the menu. But other than that, the menu is smaller but has great choices. We each had two slices and garlic knots and loved it!

Price: $- If you’re in the area, get Nicky’s you can better pizza for just about as much as Dominoes. They also have an individual pizza for $7 which I love. It’s definitely affordable and BYOB and did I mention delicious?

Final Score: 15/15- If you want some good pizza in Morris County, go to Nicky’s. It’s great for a date night or just for a slice or two. The service is always on point, the staff and owner are friendly too. I’m so happy they re-opened and will definitely be back!

Buffalo chicken pizza at Nicky’s Firehouse!

Pizza at Nicky’s!

If you have been to Nicky’s before, I’d love your opinion and if you plan on going let me know what you think!

Happy Eating! 🙂

’til next time…

Special #Deal for #SCBD readers at Village Pourhouse in Hoboken!!

If you haven’t heard, The Village Pourhouse in Hoboken has Dueling Pianos the last Thursday of every month. There is NO COVER for the event but they have a special Pre Fixe menu that night.

This is the Pre Fixe for this Thursday’s Dueling Pianos:

Dueling Pianos Pre Fixe Menu
Thursday, July 26th 2012

$29.95 Includes a Coors Light draft or well cocktail

1st Course
Proscuitto & Melon
Fresh summer melon wrapped in prosciutto and drizzled with balsamic reduction

Goat Cheese Taquitos
Yukon Gold potatoes, herbs and goat cheese in a crispy corn tortilla with mixed greens and salsa verde

2nd Course
Jerk Chicken
Roasted over a can of Red Stripe, with black bean sauce, rice and mango-ginger relish

Eggplant Rollatini
Golden eggplant stuffed with rich ricotta blended with baby spinach and roasted garlic, topped with fire roasted poomodoro and melted mozzarella

3rd Course
Creamsicle Crème-Brulee
Classic vanilla bean custard topped with blood orange sauce on the side

FYI: For this month and next they also have $5 beers from Anderson Valley and Samuel Smith during Dueling Pianos!

Here’s the deal…If you are a #Smallchickbigdeals reader and want to go you can get 20% off a Pre Fixe ticket during the Dueling Pianos event in July (the 27th) and August (the 30th) 😀

Here’s how:

You may not see me there this month but I’m putting it in my calendar for next month!

If you go, let me know how it is! I’m excited to make my rounds there in August!

I have more deals coming up soon, hope you’re ready!

Happy Eating & Drinking!

Stop at The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe

A few months ago I heard about this cupcake shop in Chester, it sounded great and I’d constantly see deals on their Twitter. I was determined to go, Unfortunately it was a bit out of the way from FDU at the time so I couldn’t make it there until this summer. But I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I ended up going there for the first time about two weeks ago.

The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe (57 Main St., Chester, NJ)

Customer Service: 5- Everyone is super friendly there. They are always open to any questions and know their stuff.

Atmosphere: 5- It’s a cute little shop with some seats inside and tables outside. It’s perfect to get cupcakes to go because it’s a mom & pop shop.

Cupcake Quality: 4.8- If you like sweet cupcakes this place is for you. The cake is a great consistency and frosting can be a bit sweet but its unique and homemade. I love all the unique flavors they have like Rootbeer Float & Nutella. My personal favorite is Nutella and my man loved there new Bacon French toast. Yes, bacon.

Price: $- The cupcakes are great quality for a great price–most of cupcakes are $2 each. and the speciality cupcakes are $2.50 each. They also have cake truffles are $1.25 each, $12 per dozen.

Did I mention they have a Cupcake Club?! The Cupcake Club Membership is 12 certificates (1 for each month starting from the month you purchase it, for 1 year). The cost is $20. The certificates can be used on any cupcake including our higher priced, specialty cupcakes, as well as our seasonal specially decorated cupcakes. The certificates must be used during the month designated on each one.

Final Score: 14.8/15- The staff is friendly and the cupcakes are delicious and are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth! I also love that they have a cupcake club, which I think more places should have. It’s a huge money saver and totally worth it! I can’t wait to get mine once a month! If you are a cupcake connoisseur like myself, I highly recommend it!

You can follow them @SweetSpotNJ on Twitter!

If you go there, I’d love to know if you agree!

Have a safe & happy weekend & most of all…

Happy Eating! 🙂

…’Til next time!

#SCBD latest endeavor… Jersey Bites!

In between posts, I feel that it is necessary to make this announcement, it’s great news actually! Along with my weekly posts on Small Chick Big Deals I will also be one of the Bergen County contributors for Jersey Bites. That means that once a month I will be writing for them whether it be a review of a restaurant in Bergen County, or a recipe or even a tip! Don’t worry I will NOT stop writing here and will post links to my articles on here as well!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity and am looking forward to the journey ahead of me. Hope Jersey Bites is ready for some awesome Small Chick Big Deals posts starting in August!!


Bar Anticipation is everything you’ve anticipated!

The second trip I made last Friday night was with my former roomie Ashley from college who has seen Small Chick grow from its beginnings, so she knows how I roll. Since she’s more from the Northern Central Jersey area and the weather was nice we decided to have a girls night out by the beach, after shopping at the Jersey Shore Outlets of course. It was her first time at the bars in the Belmar area so we knew we were going to have to go to my favorite bar at home, down the shore…

Bar Anticipation aka “Bar A”  (703 16th Avenue, Belmar, NJ)

Customer Service: 5- It was a Friday night at a bar at the Jersey Shore. Luckily, we had the best waiter anyone could’ve asked for. He was attentive answered all our questions and made it a carefree girls night for us.

Atmosphere: 5- Bar A has an awesome atmosphere and their own beach, better known as the Grotto. It’s a huge bar and restaurant and I prefer sitting outside anytime I’m there. You literally feel like you’re on a beach, and you’re only a block from the shore.

Food/Drink Quality: 5- When I first decided to to have a quick bite at Bar A I wasn’t expecting anythings special and I definitely  wouldn’t have expected a bar like Bar A to make their Buffalo Wing sauce on site. But they do and it’s awesome and they range from traditional wing sauce to Mango BBQ. I went with my man a week or two before I went with my roomie and he loved the Mango BBQ. When I went with my roomie Ashley, she loved the traditional we got. I’m addicted to them now! But it doesn’t stop there. We also ordered sandwiches since it was dinner time and we were hungry so we picked a staple– Grilled Cheese with tomato & bacon, they didn’t disappoint and were huge and only $6. Let’s just say I’m pretty impressed with their menu.

The drinks at Bar A are great too. We came in on a Friday which is the day they have a happy hour that starts at 4pm and goes until 9pm and they also have specials from 9pm til close. The drinks are always made well and they have a great liquor selection to compliment their bar grub. Drinks aren’t horribly expensive after happy hour ends but it’s so worth it. They always make my 007, Malibu Bay Breeze, and Jolly Rancher to a tee! I’ve also been to Bar A for their famous Beat The Clock Tuesday’s— draft beers start 50 cents starting at 8pm & go up 25 cents every hour. Let’s just say Tuesday’s are like high school reunions for locals. You can find more info on their daily deals here!

Price: $- Bar A always has deals so it’s possible not to break your budget for a great night out at the Jersey Shore. I am constantly checking the event calendar and follow them on Twitter & Facebook! The best deal they have is beat the clock– beer and wings, sounds amazing right? You can definitely have a date or enjoy a girls night for $30 & under. I can’t emphasize the beer & wings enough!

Final Score: 15/15– When I first started going to Bar A, I wasn’t sure if I was going to impressed or turned off and i was impressed. It’s the bar I prefer to go to anytime I’m home. The daily specials are great, food is up to par for a bar and it’s a great variety, the staff communicates well and it’s always a good time. Just be prepared, beat the clock over the summer tends to grab a huge crowd, but as I mentioned you’re pretty safe any day you go with all the deals they have. They also serve brunch which I have yet to go to but plan on it. I love it and highly recommend it!

And then there was one…we were the ‘skinniest fat girls’ that night!

The delicious grilled cheese with french fries & a pickle, for $6!

Taking a trip to the Jersey Shore soon, let me know if you agree and what your verdict is about Bar A!

Until next time…

 Happy Eating & Drinking! 🙂


There is only one…IKKO!

So this past week I had off for the holiday and spent most of my week at the Jersey Shore better known as my home. I ate great meals here and there (some places I may speak about speak eventually) and then before I knew it, it was Friday and I would be heading back up to North Jersey during the weekend. So I made sure I ended my stay at the Shore right and ate at my two favorite places and had food & possibly drink comas that day & night.

Since my plan was to go out with my former roomie and best friend that night (my next post) I decided to sacrifice not having a cocktail with lunch in order to stuff my face with Japanese goodness. It was a lunch date with my mom and since I wouldn’t know the next time I’d be home I thought it was worth it to go and have a hibachi food coma and have her experience my favorite place as well.

Steak hibachi at Ikko Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

IKKO HIBACHI STEAKHOUSE & SUSHI BAR (107 Brick Plaza, Brick, NJ 08723)

Customer Service: 5- I’ve never had bad service at Ikko. They are super attentive and the guys behind the sushi bar are always nice and personable. My boyfriend and I know some of their names because we were such loyal customers when we lived closer. The wait is never too long and they run the business very well.

Atmosphere: 5- The atmosphere is fun, traditional and maintained well. You have plenty of your own space too.

Food Quality: 5- Their sushi rolls are nothing short of amazing, when I go with my boyfriend he usually gets the spicy tuna roll, we split a California roll, and my personal favorite is the Shrimp Asparagus roll. They also give you a complimentary small plate/appetizer so you’re not starving before your sushi is served. I’m always intrigued by their dishes. The hibachi is just as good and it’s a huge portion. I always have leftovers and they taste even better the next day!

Price: $-$$- Two hibachi lunches was less than $25 dollars when I went with my mom. If you love hibachi it’s a huge bang for your buck. The hibachi lunch includes soup, salad, rice & noodles, your hibachi of choice with veggies, and ice cream. My boyfriend and I have never spent more than $30 on our sushi dates which usually include: 1 miso soup, 1 green salad, and 3 rolls with soft drinks. The hibachi dinner is a bit more pricey but it includes everything from the lunch and a shrimp appetizer but it’s totally worth the money. It is BYOB which isn’t a bad thing, especially because you’ll be stuffed– I always have hibachi leftovers!

Final Score: 15/15- As mentioned above– the food is on par and prices are great. Why worry about alcohol when you can have a food coma? Lunch is definitely more of a bang for your buck so if you’re taking a beach break check it out or go there for a post beach dinner.

If you’re down the shore let me know if you agree! 🙂

Ikko is a hometown favorite of mine and has a huge place in my heart and stomach, there is only one IKKO. Ugh, now I’m craving a Shrimp Asparagus roll!

Happy Eating & stay cool! 🙂